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101: Citations Overview

With billions of citations, Semantic Scholar provides a scientific literature graph that allows scholars to navigate and discover the most relevant research across all fields of study. 

Our novel citation features allow you to discover highly influential works and easily search a paper's citations. This video covers:

  • Classifications: Citations are classified by 'Cites Results', 'Cites Methods', or 'Cites Background'
  • Highly Influential Citations: Identifies important citations in the literature
  • Search, Sort, Filter: Quickly search and filter a paper's citations
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Navigate through millions of scientific papers in all fields of study by searching our corpus.

In this video learn search best practices like:

  • Selecting 'Field of Study' to find literature from a particular domain
  • Specifying a date range or select 'This Year' to find the most recent literature
  • Refining results further by choosing a Publication Type, Authors, or Journals and Conferences
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101: Paper Pages

Semantic Scholar's corpus includes nearly 200 million academic papers across all domains, including biomedicine, computer science, business, history, and economics.

Our system extracts key information from papers and presents it on the Paper Page for review. Learn how to:

  • Browse videos, presentations, code libraries, and clinical trials
  • Get a glimpse at a paper’s figures, tables, and topics
  • Skim news or blog articles discussing a paper
  • Navigate citations and references to find connections to other papers
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Latest News & Updates

Accessibility and Semanticscholar.org

Accessibility and Semanticscholar.org

Scientific knowledge should be available to everyone, and as a non-profit, the Allen Institute for AI (AI2) is uniquely positioned to make significant progress toward this goal.

New Academic Graph Datasets Released From Semantic Scholar

New Academic Graph Datasets Released From Semantic Scholar

Semantic Scholar is pleased to announce the availability of new datasets that give users access to the full range of data exposed in our API for our entire corpus.

Announcing S2FOS, an open source academic field of study classifier

Announcing S2FOS, an open source academic field of study classifier

New model makes academic field of study classification widely available and adds Linguistics, Law, Education, and Agriculture and Food Sciences to Semantic Scholar