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Migrating from to Semantic Scholar

Illustrated folder with papers and a circle in it announced that the Meta application and associated services will be deprecated on March 31, 2022. The Semantic Scholar team is here to assist users who would like to recreate your libraries and feeds in our free service.

Semantic Scholar is a service of the nonprofit Allen Institute for AI. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support team.


Your Semantic Scholar Library allows you to save papers and create feeds. Unlike Meta's keyword-based feeds, Semantic Scholar simplifies creating and curating feeds by basing them on your Library folders.

While there's no way to automatically import your Meta libraries to Semantic Scholar, you can recreate your libraries a bit faster using our browser add-ons (see links below). 


Research Feeds are an adaptive research recommender that uses AI to quickly learn what papers you care about reading and recommends the latest research to help you stay up to date. We use a state-of-the-art paper embedding model trained using contrastive learning to find papers similar to those in each Library folder.

You can turn on Research Feed recommendations for any folder in your Library. The papers you save within your Library folders are positive signals, and the more papers you save to a Library folder and rate as “not relevant” in your Research Feed, the better your recommended papers will be.

Browser Add-on for Chrome and Firefox

Our browser add-ons can assist you with quickly looking up your Meta items in Semantic Scholar so you can add them to a Library folder.

From Meta or any web page, simply highlight text such as a paper title. Then select the browser extension for one-click navigation to search results or the Paper Page on To add a paper to your Library, select "Save" in the list of actions below the paper title in search results or "Save to Library" on the paper page.

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Latest News & Updates

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Announcing S2FOS, an open source academic field of study classifier

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Featured AI2er: Rodney Kinney

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Semantic Scholar Academic Graph for Developers

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