v 2 2 5 Fe b 20 02 An effective quantum mechanism for mass generation in diffeomorphism - invariant theories


We propose a scenario for particle-mass generation, assuming the existence of a physical regime where, firstly, physical particles can be considered as point-like objects moving in a background space-time and, secondly, their mere presence spoils the invariance under the local diffeomorphism group, resulting in an anomalous realization of the latter. Under these hypotheses, we describe mass generation starting from the massless free theory. The mechanism is not sensitive to the detailed description of the underlying theory at higher energies, leaning only on general structural features of it, specifically diffeomorphism invariance. PACS numbers: 11.90.+t, 02.20.Tw, 04.62.+v, 11.10.Gh The problem we address in this work is the origin of particle masses. Even though a strong emphasis has been placed on this issue throughout the development of modern physics, the subject seems far from being resolved. The correction of the mass of a particle as an effective consequence of its interaction with the surrounding environment is a very old idea that can be tracked to nineteenth-century hydrodynamics. In fact, for many different physical systems describing the motion of an object inside a classical continuum fluid, the solution of hydrodynamical equations admits an effective treatment in which the object behaves as in free motion with a corrected or renormalized mass which depends on general features such as boundary conditions. The extension of these ideas to electrodynamics led J.J.Thomson to the introduction of the notion of electromagnetic mass of a charge as a consequence of the interaction with its own electromagnetic field, fundamental element in the later Lorentz’s theory of the electron [1]. With the arrival of the Quantum Theory, the efforts by Kramers (largely inspired in Lorentz’s insights) resulted in the connection between the previous classical ideas and the new problems related to the divergences appearing in the calculation of the electron self-energy, leading to a radiative mass renormalization. In the early days of Quantum Electrodynamics there was hope of developing a fundamental theory that Work partially supported by the DGICYT. E-mail: jarama@iaa.es E-mail: valdaya@iaa.es

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