v 1 2 3 O ct 2 00 2 Horizons in 1 + 1 Dimensional Dilaton Gravity Coupled to Matter A


We study the local behaviour of static solutions of a general 1+1 dimensional dilaton gravity theory coupled to scalar fields and Abelian gauge fields near horizons. This type of model includes in particular reductions of higher dimensional theories invariant under a sufficiently large isometry group. The solution near the horizon can in general be obtained solving a system of integral equations or in favourable cases in the form of a convergent series in the dilaton field. 1. In the last decade 1+1 dimensional models of dilaton gravity coupled to scalar matter fields were found to describe some important properties of higher-dimensional black holes. The connection between high and low dimensions has been exploited in different contexts of gravity and string theory symmetry reduction, compactification, holographic principle, AdS/CFT correspondence, duality, etc. (see e.g. [3] – [10] and references therein). An important case is given by spherically symmetric solutions of higher dimensional theories. In dimension 1+1, these models are usually not integrable, but a generalization of the CGHS and Jackiw – Teitelboim integrable models was introduced in [6]. For its application to describing black hole evolution see e.g. [11]. The most general class of integrable models of dilaton gravity coupled to scalar fields was recently proposed in [12]. A further reduction from 1+1 to 0+1 dimension can be performed for time-independent solutions. The resulting 0+1 dimensional dilaton gravity models are frequently integrable in closed form (see e.g. [4], [6], [9]), although generically this is not the case. For example, static, spherical black holes carrying Abelian gauge fields are described by integrable models, while non-Abelian gauge fields [13] generically lead to non-integrable models (for an exception see [14]). filippov@thsun1.jinr.ru dim@mppmu.mpg.de a The best studied example is the string inspired dilaton gravity of CGHS [1]. For a review see [2].

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