• Chemistry
  • Published 2008

under simultaneous and sequential alternating pollutant feeding

  title={under simultaneous and sequential alternating pollutant feeding},
  author={M. Bego{\~n}a Osuna and J. M. Sipma and Maria A. E. Emanuelsson and Maria F. Carvalho and Paula M. L. Castro},
abstract Two up-flow fixed-bed reactors (UFBRs), inoculated with activated sludge and operated for162days,werefed1 mmolL 1 d 1 withtwomodelhalogenatedcompounds,2-fluorobenzoate(2-FB) and dichloromethane (DCM). Expanded clay (EC) and granular activated carbon (GAC)were used as biofilm carrier. EC did not have any adsorption capacity for both model com-pounds tested, whereas GAC could adsorb 1.3mmolg 1 GAC for 2-FB and 4.5 mmolg 1 GACfor DCM. Both pollutants were degraded in both reactors under… CONTINUE READING