uc_FIDO: Unambiguous Characterization of Food Interactions with Drugs Ontology


uc_FIDO is an ontology that unambiguously characterizes food interactions with drugs in the human body. This ontology is part of a group of food ontologies describing food and the human experience at the International Center for Food Ontology Operability, Data and Semantics (IC-FOODS) at UC Davis. The first of its kind, uc_FIDO characterizes relations between food, medicine, and human health. uc_FIDO brings together several existing ontologies related to anatomy, metabolic pathways, biological processes, drug ingredients and food structures. Through these ontologies, uc_FIDO annotates relationships between food and drug bioactives, human physiological conditions, and biological reaction pathways. Relationships that link together fully characterize various food interactions with drugs and their effects. The current dearth of ontologies for characterizing foods limits advancement of informatics solutions for improving health. As ontologies of foods are developed, it becomes necessary to describe ingredients, bioactive molecules, potential toxins, and other molecules in food interacting with drugs and the human

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