transforming socialist-feminism: the challenge of racism

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Which 'Mountain' Must Feminism Climb?: Challenges for Feminist Alliances between Migrant and Autochthonous Women's Groups in the

Introduction "An otherness barely touched upon and that already moves away" (Julia Kristeva, 1991:3). Debates on the definition of the subject of feminism and the development of a common political

A feminist analysis of Tsitsi Dangarembga's Nervous conditions (1988).

African women as news: a cross-cultural study

This thesis is concerned with the news construction of Africa, particularly African women in British and Nigerian newspapers. Informed by feminist epistemology as well as postcolonial theoretical

Separate lives, silenced voices: women offenders speaking out on domestic violence and community-based services

The primary aim of this study is to explore women offenders' experiences of, contact with, and delivery of, community-based health and social care services. Women offenders represent a particularly