to thymectomy . thymic histology and response


NEUROTRASMETTITORI E TERMOREGOLAZIONE By G. Nistico and E. Marley. (Pp. 47; illustrated; price not stated.) Acta Neurologica: Naples. 1974. This is a reprint of a paper published in Acta Neurologica, 1974. It is primarily a review of experimental studies on the control of body temperature and the specific role of some regions of the central nervous system on thermoregulation. This paper is clearly written in Italian, and includes a considerable number of references from 1949 to 1972 with only few more recent publications. Appropriate credit has been given to the authors who identified thermosensitive neurones in the region which is often called 'the hypothalamic thermostat'. A number ofpharmacological investigations is discussed, including some of the authors' personal research in domestic fowl, on aminergic control of temperature, as well as the role of prostaglandin E in inducing fever. This article is of 47 pages, of which 9-+ pages are of references. A brief summary in English is also included.

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