- th / 9 90 80 32 v 1 9 A ug 1 99 9 Deuteron formation in nuclear matter


We investigate deuteron formation in nuclear matter at finite temperatures within a systematic quantum statistical approach. We consider formation through three-body collisions relevant already at rather moderate densities because of the strong correlations. The three-body in-medium reaction rates driven by the break-up cross section are calculated using exact three-body equations (Alt-Grassberger-Sandhas type) that have been suitably modified to consistently include the energy shift and the Pauli blocking. Important quantities are the lifetime of deuteron fluctuations and the chemical relaxation time. We find that the respective times differ substantially while using inmedium or isolated cross sections. We expect implications for the description of heavy ion collisions in particular for the formation of light charged particles at low to intermediate energies. PACS number(s): 24.10.Cn,21.65.+f,21.45.+v

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