tert.-butyl hydroperoxide-mediated DNA base damage in cultured mammalian cells.

  title={tert.-butyl hydroperoxide-mediated DNA base damage in cultured mammalian cells.},
  author={S A Altman and Tomasz H. Zastawny and L Randers and Zheng Jiong Lin and Janice A. Lumpkin and Jos{\'e} Remacle and Miral Dizdaroğlu and Govind Rao},
  journal={Mutation research},
  volume={306 1},
tert.-Butyl hydroperoxide has been utilized to study the effect of oxidative stress on living cells; however, its effect on DNA bases in cells has not been characterized. In the present work, we have investigated DNA base damage in mammalian cells exposed to this organic hydroperoxide. SP2/0 derived murine hybridoma cells were treated with 4 concentrations of tert.-butyl hydroperoxide for varying periods of time. Chromatin was isolated from treated and control cells and subsequently analyzed by… CONTINUE READING


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