tasselseed1 is a lipoxygenase affecting jasmonic acid signaling in sex determination of maize.

  title={tasselseed1 is a lipoxygenase affecting jasmonic acid signaling in sex determination of maize.},
  author={Ivan F Acosta and H{\'e}l{\`e}ne Laparra and Sandra P Romero and Eric A Schmelz and Mats H{\'a}mberg and John P. Mottinger and Maria de los Angelos Moreno and Stephen L. Dellaporta},
  volume={323 5911},
Sex determination in maize is controlled by a developmental cascade leading to the formation of unisexual florets derived from an initially bisexual floral meristem. Abortion of pistil primordia in staminate florets is controlled by a tasselseed-mediated cell death process. We positionally cloned and characterized the function of the sex determination gene tasselseed1 (ts1). The TS1 protein encodes a plastid-targeted lipoxygenase with predicted 13-lipoxygenase specificity, which suggests that… CONTINUE READING
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