scipy-lecture-notes: Release 2015.1 beta

  title={scipy-lecture-notes: Release 2015.1 beta},
  author={G. Varoquaux and Ralf Gommers and Olav Vahtras and yasutomo jp and kikocorreoso and reverland and Emmanuelle Gouillart and Fabian Pedregosa and Olivier Verdier and Sergio Oller and Pierre de Buyl and Didrik Pinte and Maximilien Riehl and Philip Gilli\ssen and Gert-Ludwig Ingold and Akihiro Uchida and Ozan Caglayan and Robert Cimrman and Pauli Virtanen and Robert Gieseke and St{\'e}fan van der Walt and Wes Turner and Nicolas Pettiaux and Valentin Haenel and aespaze and Nicolas P. Rougier and Nelle Varoquaux and Zbigniew Jedrzejewski-Szmek and Christophe Combelles},

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