sTeX+ - a System for Flexible Formalization of Linked Data

  title={sTeX+ - a System for Flexible Formalization of Linked Data},
  author={Andrea Kohlhase and Michael Kohlhase and Christoph Lange},
We present the S<sup>T</sup>E<sup>X</sup>+ system, a user-driven advancement of S<sup>T</sup>E<sup>X</sup> --- a semantic extension of LAT<sub>E</sub>X that allows for producing high-quality PDF documents for (proof)reading and printing, as well as semantic XML/OMDoc documents for the Web or further processing. Originally S<sup>T</sup>E<sup>X</sup> had been created as an invasive, semantic frontend for authoring XML documents. Here, we used S<sup>T</sup>E<sup>X</sup> in a Software Engineering… CONTINUE READING
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