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q-Deformed Onsager symmetry in boundary integrable models related to twisted U$_{q^{1/2}}(\hat{sl_2})$ symmetry

  title={q-Deformed Onsager symmetry in boundary integrable models related to twisted U\$\_\{q^\{1/2\}\}(\hat\{sl\_2\})\$ symmetry},
  author={Kozo Koizumi},
  journal={arXiv: Mathematical Physics},
  • K. Koizumi
  • Published 5 August 2010
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: Mathematical Physics
We consider an unified model, called ancestor model, associated with twisted trigonometric $R$ matrix which model leads to several descendant integrable lattice models related to the U$_{q^{1/2}}(\hat{sl_2})$ symmetry. Boundary operators compatible with integrability are introduced to this model. Reflection and dual reflection equations to ensure integrability of the system are shown to be same as the untwisted case. It follows that underlying symmetry of the ancestor model with integrable… 



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