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psort 2011 – pennysort , datamation , joulesort ∗

  title={psort 2011 – pennysort , datamation , joulesort ∗},
  author={Paolo Bertasi and Federica Bogo and Marco Bressan and Enoch Peserico},
This memo reports the results of our psort (general purpose) sorting software on a number of hardware configurations. “Vanilla” psort sorted 10GB for 2122 joules on a Nokia N900 smartphone with an extra Kingston 16GB flash drive (joulesort 10GB Daytona+Indy benchmark). It sorted over 286.2 GB for 0.01$ of computing time on a PC equipped with an AMD 2.7GHz Sempron processor, 4 GB of RAM and 5 Samsung SpinPoint F4 HD322GJ drives (pennysort Daytona benchmark); on the same hardware, a hand tailored… 

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