pH-dependent structural conformations of B-phycoerythrin from Porphyridium cruentum.

  title={pH-dependent structural conformations of B-phycoerythrin from Porphyridium cruentum.},
  author={Ana C{\'a}mara-Artigas and Julio Bacarizo and Montserrat And{\'u}jar-S{\'a}nchez and Emilia Ortiz-Salmer{\'o}n and Concepci{\'o}n Mesa-Valle and Celia Cuadri and Jose M Martin-Garcia and S Mart{\'i}nez-Rodr{\'i}guez and Tania Mazzuca-Sobczuk and Mar{\'i}a J. Ib{\'a}{\~n}ez and James P. Allen},
  journal={The FEBS journal},
  volume={279 19},
B-phycoerythrin from the red alga Porphyridium cruentum was crystallized using the technique of capillary counter-diffusion. Crystals belonging to the space group R3 with almost identical unit cell constants and diffracting to 1.85 and 1.70 Å were obtained at pH values of 5 and 8, respectively. The most important difference between structures is the presence of the residue His88α in two different conformations at pH 8. This residue is placed next to the chromophore phycoerythrobilin PEB82α and… CONTINUE READING