pH dependence and gene structure of inaA in Escherichia coli.

  title={pH dependence and gene structure of inaA in Escherichia coli.},
  author={Sue White and F E Tuttle and Dirk Blankenhorn and D C Dosch and Joan L. Slonczewski},
  journal={Journal of bacteriology},
  volume={174 5},
The weak-acid-inducible locus inaA in Escherichia coli was mapped to 48.6 min by P1 cotransduction of inaA Mud lac fusions and linked Tn10 insertions. The inaA1::lac fusion tested negative for phenotypes characteristic of mutations in the nearby locus ubiG. Sequence analysis of a fragment amplified by polymerase chain reaction located the inaA1::lac fusion joint within an open reading frame 311 nucleotides downstream of nrdB, transcribed in the opposite direction, encoding a 168-amino-acid… CONTINUE READING


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