p97/valosin-containing protein (VCP) is highly modulated by phosphorylation and acetylation.

  title={p97/valosin-containing protein (VCP) is highly modulated by phosphorylation and acetylation.},
  author={Chiho Mori-Konya and Naruyoshi Kato and Ryota Maeda and Kunihiko Yasuda and Naoki Higashimae and Masakatsu Noguchi and Masaaki Koike and Yoko Kimura and Hiroshi Ohizumi and Seiji Hori and Akira Kakizuka},
  journal={Genes to cells : devoted to molecular & cellular mechanisms},
  volume={14 4},
p97/valosin-containing protein (VCP) is a member of the AAA family proteins, which plays various important roles in cells by using its ATPase activity. But mechanism of regulating its ATPase activity is mostly unknown. We report here that VCP is highly modified throughout the protein via acetylation and phosphorylation. In addition to six previously… CONTINUE READING