p62 functions as a p38 MAP kinase regulator.

  title={p62 functions as a p38 MAP kinase regulator.},
  author={Tatsuhiko Sudo and Mitsuo Maruyama and Hiroyuki Osada},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={269 2},
By screening a HeLa cDNA library to isolate genes encoding p38-regulating proteins, we have isolated two independent clones which encode the binding proteins to p38. We have found that both of these cDNA clones encode p62, first identified as a phosphorylation independent p56(lck) SH2 domain binding protein. Recent studies also indicate that p62 interacts with atypical PKCs to anchor them to intracellular membranes and with RIP to mediate signals to NF-kappaB through atypical PKCs. Moreover… CONTINUE READING
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