p53 protein expression in benign and malignant skin tumours.

  title={p53 protein expression in benign and malignant skin tumours.},
  author={Y S Ro and P N Cooper and Jennifer Amy Lee and Anthony G. Quinn and David H.T. Harrison and David Lane and Claydell H Horne and Jonathan Laurence Rees and Brian Angus},
  journal={The British journal of dermatology},
  volume={128 3},
The skin affords an excellent model of human carcinogenesis because a variety of lesions from benign tumours to invasive malignancy, with or without metastatic potential, are commonly found, and are accessible to biopsy. To date, few genetic alterations have been observed in skin neoplasia. In this study we have used a recently developed monoclonal antibody (DO7) to examine p53 protein expression in a wide variety of benign and malignant skin lesions. Benign skin lesions were negative, but a… CONTINUE READING