p53 modulation of TFIIH–associated nucleotide excision repair activity

  title={p53 modulation of TFIIH–associated nucleotide excision repair activity},
  author={Xin Wei Wang and H R Yeh and Laurent Schaeffer and Rabindra K. Roy and Vincent Moncollin and J.-M. Egly and Zhao-Qi Wang and Errol C. Friedberg and Michele K Evans and Bonita Taffe and Vilhelm A. Bohr and Geert Weeda and J. Hoeijmakers and Kathleen S Forrester and Curtis C. Harris},
  journal={Nature Genetics},
p53 has pleiotropic functions including control of genomic plasticity and integrity. Here we report that p53 can bind to several transcription factor IIH–associated factors, including transcription–repair factors, XPD (Rad3) and XPB, as well as CSB involved in strand–specific DNA repair, via its C–terminal domain. We also found that wild–type, but not Arg273His mutant p53 inhibits XPD (Rad3) and XPB DNA helicase activities. Moreover, repair of UV–induced dimers is slower in Li–Fraumeni syndrome… CONTINUE READING
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