p53 gene mutations in pituitary adenomas: rare events.

  title={p53 gene mutations in pituitary adenomas: rare events.},
  author={Andy Levy and Laura C Hall and W A Yeudall and Stafford L. Lightman},
  journal={Clinical endocrinology},
  volume={41 6},
OBJECTIVE Occult pituitary adenomas are said to occur in up to 20% of random autopsy examinations, yet the only oncogene known to be associated with pituitary adenomas, gsp, is found in only 40% of somatotrophinomas, a subtype that accounts for a minority of pituitary tumours. Mutations of the p53 tumour suppressor gene are thought to be involved in the pathogenesis of as many as 50% of all human cancers, including tumours of the central nervous system. The objective of this study was to… CONTINUE READING
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