p53: a frequent target for genetic abnormalities in lung cancer.

  title={p53: a frequent target for genetic abnormalities in lung cancer.},
  author={Tosei Takahashi and Marion M. Nau and Itsuo Chiba and Michael J. Birrer and Richard K. Rosenberg and M Vinocour and Michael Levitt and Harvey I. Pass and Adi F. Gazdar and John D. Minna},
  volume={246 4929},
Allele loss is a hallmark of chromosome regions harboring recessive oncogenes. Lung cancer frequently demonstrates loss of heterozygosity on 17p. Recent evidence suggests that the p53 gene located on 17p13 has many features of such an antioncogene. The p53 gene was frequently mutated or inactivated in all types of human lung cancer. The genetic abnormalities of p53 include gross changes such as homozygous deletions and abnormally sized messenger RNAs along with a variety of point or small… CONTINUE READING
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