p38 kinase is activated in the Alzheimer's disease brain.

  title={p38 kinase is activated in the Alzheimer's disease brain.},
  author={Kenneth Hensley and Robert A. Floyd and Naini Y Zheng and R Nael and Katherine A. Robinson and Xuandai Nguyen and Quentin N. Pye and Charles A. Stewart and Jennian Geddes and William R. Markesbery and Ela S Patel and Gail V W Johnson and Guoying Bing},
  journal={Journal of neurochemistry},
  volume={72 5},
The p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase is a stress-activated enzyme responsible for transducing inflammatory signals and initiating apoptosis. In the Alzheimer's disease (AD) brain, increased levels of phosphorylated (active) p38 were detected relative to age-matched normal brain. Intense phospho-p38 immunoreactivity was associated with neuritic plaques, neuropil threads, and neurofibrillary tangle-bearing neurons. The antibody against phosphorylated p38 recognized many of the same structures… CONTINUE READING


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