p16 overexpression identifies HPV-positive vulvar squamous cell carcinomas.

  title={p16 overexpression identifies HPV-positive vulvar squamous cell carcinomas.},
  author={M{\^o}nica Pezenatto Dos Santos and Stefania Landolfi and Anna Olivella and Bel{\'e}n Lloveras and Joellen Klaustermeier and Helena Su{\'a}rez and Lluc{\`i}a Alos and Llu{\'i}s Mar{\'i}a Puig-Tintor{\'e} and El{\'i}as Campo and Jaume Ordi},
  journal={The American journal of surgical pathology},
  volume={30 11},
Two types of vulvar squamous cell carcinomas (VSCCs) are recognized according to their relationship to human papillomavirus (HPV). Basaloid or warty carcinomas are considered HPV-associated tumors, whereas differentiated keratinizing neoplasms are considered non-HPV-associated. Recently, immunohistochemical detection of p16 and p53 has been proposed to differentiate these 2 types of VSCCs. We conducted a histologic study with immunohistochemical evaluation of p16 and p53 and HPV detection and… CONTINUE READING
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