p120-catenin expression in human colorectal cancer.

  title={p120-catenin expression in human colorectal cancer.},
  author={Anouchka L Skoudy and Sophie Gomez and Monique Fabre and Antonio Garc{\'i}a de Herreros},
  journal={International journal of cancer},
  volume={68 1},
Recent data suggest that p120-catenin plays a role in the regulation of functionality of E-cadherin, a protein essential for the establishment and maintenance of cell-cell contacts. Since dysfunction of intercellular adhesiveness is an alteration frequently observed in colon cancer we have studied the expression and distribution of p120-catenin in human colorectal tumors. In normal colon, p120-catenin was observed in the crypt and surface epithelium; the cells showed reactivity both in the… CONTINUE READING


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