p107 Is a Crucial Regulator for Determining the Adipocyte Lineage Fate Choices of Stem Cells

  title={p107 Is a Crucial Regulator for Determining the Adipocyte Lineage Fate Choices of Stem Cells},
  author={Martina De Sousa and Deanna P. Porras and Christopher G R Perry and P. Seale and Anthony Scim{\`e}},
  journal={STEM CELLS},
  • Martina De Sousa, Deanna P. Porras, +2 authors Anthony Scimè
  • Published 2014
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Thermogenic (beige and brown) adipocytes protect animals against obesity and metabolic disease. However, little is known about the mechanisms that commit stem cells toward different adipocyte lineages. We show here that p107 is a master regulator of adipocyte lineage fates, its suppression required for commitment of stem cells to the brown‐type fate. p107 is strictly expressed in the stem cell compartment of white adipose tissue depots and completely absent in brown adipose tissue. Remarkably… CONTINUE READING
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