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p-divisible groups

  title={p-divisible groups},
  author={Tony Feng and Alexander Bertoloni Meli},
Let E be an elliptic curve over a eld k; imagine for the moment that k is of characteristic 0, although we will also be very interested in the characteristic p case. The p-divisible group of E is easy enough to describe: it is the direct limit of the p-power torsion subgroups of E. (For now, let's brush aside technical issues such as in what category this direct limit takes place.) E[p] ↪→ E[p] ↪→ E[p] ↪→ . . . Since we know that E[p](k) ∼= Z/p ⊕ Z/p, we see that 
Local Monodromy of 1-Dimensional p-Divisible Groups
Let G be a p-divisible group over a complete discrete valuation ring R of characteristic p. The generic fiber of G determines a Galois representation ρ. The image of ρ admits a ramification
Properties of Breuil-Kisin modules inherited by $p$-divisible groups
In this paper, by assuming a faithful action of a finite flat Zp-algebra R on a pdivisible group G defined over the ring of p-adic integers OK , we have constructed a new BreuilKisin module M defined
Let K be a mixed characteristic complete discrete valuation field with residue field admitting a finite p-basis, and let GK be the Galois group. We first classify semi-stable representations of GK by
Special Correspondences of CM Abelian Varieties and Eisenstein Series
Let CMΦ be the (integral model of the) stack of principally polarized CM Abelian varieties with a CM-type Φ. Considering a pair of nearby CM-types (i.e. such that they are different in exactly one
Pro-\'etale uniformisation of abelian varieties
For an abelian variety A over an algebraically closed non-archimedean field K of residue characteristic p, we show that the isomorphism class of the pro-étale perfectoid cover à = lim ←−[p] A is
Manin-Mumford in arithmetic pencils
We obtain a refinement of Manin–Mumford (Raynaud’s Theorem) for abelian schemes over some ring of integers. Torsion points are replaced by special 0-cycles, that is reductions modulo some, possibly
On the algebraic side of the Iwasawa theory of some non-ordinary Galois representations
Let F be a number field unramified at an odd rational prime p. Let F∞ be the Zp-cyclotomic extension of F and Λ = Zp[[Gal(F∞/F )]] be the Iwasawa algebra of Gal(F∞/F ) ' Zp over Zp. Generalizing
Galois Deformation Ring and Barsotti-Tate Representations in the Relative Case
In this thesis, we study finite locally free group schemes, Galois deformation rings, and Barsotti-Tate representations in the relative case. We show three independent but related results, assuming p