p/sup +//n/sup -//n/sup +/ cz-Si detectors processed on p-type boron-doped substrates with thermal donor induced space charge sign inversion

  title={p/sup +//n/sup -//n/sup +/ cz-Si detectors processed on p-type boron-doped substrates with thermal donor induced space charge sign inversion},
  author={Jaakko Harkonen and E M Tuovinen and Panja Luukka and E. Tuominen and Zhongqiang Li},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science},
We have processed pad detectors on high-resistivity p-type Cz-Si wafers. The resistivity of the boron-doped silicon is approximately 1.8 k/spl Omega/ cm after the crystal growth. The detector processing was carried out using the common procedure for standard n-type wafers, to produce p/sup +//p/p/sup -//n/sup +/ detector structures. During the last process step, i.e., sintering of aluminum electrode, the p-type bulk was turned to n-type through generation of thermal donors (TD). This way, high… CONTINUE READING


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