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onlineforecast: An R package for adaptive and recursive forecasting

  title={onlineforecast: An R package for adaptive and recursive forecasting},
  author={Peder Bacher and Hj{\"o}rleifur G. Bergsteinsson and Linde Frolke and Mikkel Lindstr{\o}m S{\o}rensen and Julian Lemos-Vinasco and Jon Anders Reichert Liisberg and Jan Kloppenborg M{\o}ller and Henrik Aalborg Nielsen and Henrik Madsen},
Systems that rely on forecasts to make decisions, e.g. control or energy trading systems, require frequent updates of the forecasts. Usually, the forecasts are updated whenever new observations become available, hence in an online setting. We present the R package onlineforecast that provides a generalized setup of data and models for online forecasting. It has functionality for time-adaptive fitting of linear regression-based models. Furthermore, dynamical and non-linear effects can be easily… 

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