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on Smart Grid Cyber Security

  title={on Smart Grid Cyber Security},
  author={Todd Baumeister},
The current U.S. electrical power grid is an out-of-date infrastructure, and the Smart Grid is an upgrade that will add many new functionalities to meet customers’ new power requirements. Updating a system as complex as the electrical power grid has the potential of introducing new security vulnerabilities into the system. This document presents a review of the work related to Smart Grid cyber security. The work reviewed is separated into five categories that make up different components of the… 

Smart Grid and Cybersecurity Challenges

This paper seeks to describe the cyber security issues present in smart grids, including past challenges and their root causes, and proposes methodological approaches to protect the smart grid against cyber security attacks by proposing potential mitigating controls.

Evaluation of open source SIEM for situation awareness platform in the smart grid environment

  • R. LeszczynaM. Wróbel
  • Computer Science, Engineering
    2015 IEEE World Conference on Factory Communication Systems (WFCS)
  • 2015
One of the studies related to the development and deployment of the Situation Awareness Platform for the smart grid is presented, namely the evaluation of open source Security Information and Event Management systems, which are the key components of the platform.

Security information sharing for the polish power system

In the paper a multi-agent architecture is presented for the Polish Power System which addresses the anonymity concerns and the usual cyber security technologies are prerequisite, but not sufficient.

Smart grid governance: An international review of evolving policy issues and innovations

The electric power systems of many industrialized nations are challenged by the need to accommodate distributed renewable generation, increasing demands of a digital society, growing threats to

A Test bed dedicated to the Study of Vulnerabilities in IEC 61850 Power Utility Automation Networks

This paper presents the operational part, giving details on the power grid hardware-in-the-loop simulation and its importance in the understanding of cyber consequences on the global system, and preliminary experimental results showing consequences of a false data injection attack on a simple electrical architecture.

Cyber Defense In Depth: Designing Cyber Security Agency Organization For Turkey

The study reveals that designing cyber security agency for Turkey is a crucial issue in terms of cyber defense in depth for an effective homeland cyber security, and suggests eight layered “defense in depth architecture” that is proposed “cyber security agency organization” for Turkey.

Blockchain Technology on Smart Grid, Energy Trading, and Big Data: Security Issues, Challenges, and Recommendations

This study will present a rigorous review of blockchain implementations with the cyber security perception and energy data protections in smart grids, identifying a variety of recent blockchain-based research works published in various literature and discussing security concerns on smart grid systems.

A Criticality-based Approach for the Analysis of Smart Grids

Smart Grids offer higher level capabilities intended to meet current and future energy demands. These demands include improved performance related to concepts of reliability, resiliency,

A Survey on Energy Internet Communications for Sustainability

The motivation and key concepts of EI are first introduced, followed by the key technologies and standardizations enabling the EI communications as well as security issues.

Methodology for Reliability Assessment of Smart Grid Considering Risk of Failure of Communication Architecture

An analytical method, based on the Complex Network Theory (CNT), to assess the risk of the Smart Grid failure due to communication network malfunction, associated with latency and ICT network reliability is introduced.



Design Principles for Power Grid Cyber-Infrastructure Authentication Protocols

This work builds on past work in the area of principles of authentication in Internet protocols but focuses the discussion on the constraints of the Power Grid; in particular, the need for efficient and highly available systems.

Security and Privacy Challenges in the Smart Grid

The smart grid is the modernization of the existing electrical system that enhances customers' and utilities' ability to monitor, control, and predict energy use.

Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment of Power Industry

Two methods are proposed, the probabilistic assessment and the integrated risk assessment, to assess the cyber security vulnerability and some ways are suggested to promote the security of cyber system in power industry.

Communication Capacity Requirement for Reliable and Secure State Estimation in Smart Grid

  • Husheng LiL. LaiR. Qiu
  • Engineering
    2010 First IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications
  • 2010
Secure system state estimation is an important issue in smart grid to assure the reliability and security. In this paper, the case of a single observation station and Gaussian noise communication

Towards a Framework for Cyber Attack Impact Analysis of the Electric Smart Grid

This paper presents a framework for cyber attack impact analysis of a smart grid and illustrates how cause-effect relationships can be conveniently expressed for both analysis and extension to large-scale smart grid systems.

Modeling Smart Grid Applications with Co-Simulation

Our analysis of a complex Smart Grid control scheme uses simulation to model both the communication network and the power system. The control scheme uses a wireless communication network to activate

Malicious Data Attacks on Smart Grid State Estimation: Attack Strategies and Countermeasures

The problem of constructing malicious data attack of smart grid state estimation is considered together with countermeasures that detect the presence of such attacks and an efficient algorithm with polynomial-time complexity is obtained.

Smart Grid Privacy via Anonymization of Smart Metering Data

The method described in this paper provides a 3rd party escrow mechanism for authenticated anonymous meter readings which are difficult to associate with a particular smart meter or customer.

Intrusion Detection for Advanced Metering Infrastructures: Requirements and Architectural Directions

The practical needs for monitoring and intrusion detection in Advanced Metering Infrastructures are explored through a thorough analysis of the different threats targeting an AMI.

Zero-Configuration Identity-Based Signcryption Scheme for Smart Grid

This paper proposes the use of an identity-based signcryption system to provide a zero-configuration encryption and authentication solution for end-to-end secure communications and illustrates that IBS is a viable solution to providing a secure and easy- to-deploy solution with close to zero user setup required.