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olving 0 – 1 knapsack problem by a novel global harmony search algorithm

  title={olving 0 – 1 knapsack problem by a novel global harmony search algorithm},
  author={exuan Zoua and Liqun Gaoa and Steven Lib and Jianhua Wua},
This paper proposes a novel global harmony search algorithm (NGHS) to solve 0–1 knapsack problems. The proposed algorithm includes two important operations: position updating and genetic mutation with a small probability. The former enables the worst harmony of harmony memory to move to the global best harmony rapidly in each iteration, and the latter can effectively prevent the NGHS from trapping into ccepted 25 July 2010 vailable online 6 August 2010 

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  • Computer Science
    2009 International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology - Spring Conference
  • 2009
The experimental results show that the SGEA proposed in this paper has many better performances, compared with other methods such as simple genetic algorithm, greedy algorithm and so forth.
Solution to 0/1 Knapsack Problem Based on Improved Ant Colony Algorithm
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This paper compares the difference between the traveling salesman problem and the 0/1 knapsack problem and adapts the ant colony optimization (ACO) model to meet researches' purpose to show the robustness and the potential power of this kind of meta-heuristic algorithm.
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It is proved that the sequential combination tree algorithm is feasible and effective for solving 0-1 knapsack problem for medium and small scale, and compared to traditional greedy algorithm, the optimal solution is very easy to be found.
A novel multi-mutation binary particle swarm optimization for 0/1 knapsack problem
Simulation results for a series of benchmark 0/1 knapsack problems show that the proposed MMBPSO outperforms the traditional binary PSO algorithm and QBPSO, especially with the increasing quantity of the goods, as M MBPSO can effectively escape from the local optima to avoid premature convergence and obtain better solutions.
Landscape analyses and global search of knapsack problems
  • Hiroki Yoshizawa, Shuji Hashimoto
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A new algorithm is proposed to estimate the optimum point by introducing the least mean square method to fit the global structure at some points selected randomly in the search space to contradict "no free lunch" theorems.
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This paper proposes an improved algorithm which repeats the greedy selection and proves that the ratio of the approximate solution and optimal solution is k/(k+1) and implements this algorithm.
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Nonlinear reductive dimension algorithm for 0-1 knapsack problem was given here, and effectiveness of the algorithm was confirmed by numerical experiments.