ole of Intraoperative Cholangiography n Avoiding Bile Duct Injury

  title={ole of Intraoperative Cholangiography n Avoiding Bile Duct Injury},
  author={ader N Massarweh and David R. Flum},
C W l d ach year, over 750,000 patients undergo cholecystecomy in the United States, making it the most frequently erformed abdominal surgical procedure. Common ile duct (CBD) injury during cholecystectomy occurs ith relative infrequency ( 1 in 200 to 400) but anks among the leading sources of medical malpractice laims against surgeons. Between 34% and 49% of sureons are expected to cause such an injury during their areer. Repair of such injuries is often complex and equires multiple procedures… CONTINUE READING
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