nhibition of hydrogen transport through Pd and Pd 47 Cu 53 membranes by H 2 S t 350 ◦ C asey

  • P. O’Briena, Bret H. Howarda, James B. Millera, Bryan D. Morrealea, Andrew J. Gellmana
  • Published 2016


In pure H2 gas, hydrogen fluxes through pure Pd and Pd47Cu53 (mol%) foils at 350 ◦C are similar. In the presence of 1000ppm H2S in H2, the hydrogen fluxes through both foils are substantially reduced, but with significantly different decay patterns. Six hours after the start of H2S exposure, the Pd foil remained permeable to hydrogen, with the flux… (More)

3 Figures and Tables


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