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new/s/leak – A Tool for Visual Exploration of Large Text Document Collections in the Journalistic Doman

  title={new/s/leak – A Tool for Visual Exploration of Large Text Document Collections in the Journalistic Doman},
  author={K. Ballweg and F. Zouhar and Patrick Wilhelmi-Dworski and T. V. Landesberger and Uli Fahrer and Alexander Panchenko and Seid Muhie Yimam and Chris Biemann and Michaela Regneri and Heiner Ulrich},
Journalists strive for newsworthy stories for the public. To find those stories they need to explore and read documents from large collections such as the Kissinger Cables. This is very time consuming, since the the text document collections are too large to read them alone – even in a team. Interactive text visualization can support journalists in this endeavor. Several tools exists, but interviews with our collaboration journalists revealed their various drawbacks. Therefore, we develop and… Expand
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