nCompass Service Oriented Architecture for Tacit Collaboration Services


nCompass is a flexible, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) designed to support the research and deployment of advanced tacit collaboration technology services for analysts. nCompass allows a significantly larger number of individual analytic capabilities, applications and services to be integrated together quickly and effectively. Service integration results are described from several computational tacit collaboration experiments conducted with open source intelligence analysts working with open source data. Key to nCompass is the technical framework and unique analytic event logging schema that supports context sharing across diverse applications and services. It is by combining the analyst with shared context across multiple advanced computational capabilities in a system of systems that a breakthrough in collaborative open source analysis can be achieved. This paper introduces the nCompass framework and integration platform, describes key nCompass core services, and provides results on functional synergies achieved through technology service integration with nCompass.

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-7091-0294-7_21

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