n-3 FA increase liver uptake of HDL-cholesterol in mice

  title={n-3 FA increase liver uptake of HDL-cholesterol in mice},
  author={Val{\'e}rie le Morvan and M F Dumon and Antonio Palos-Pinto and Annie M. B{\'e}rard},
In humans, diets rich in fish oil (containing n-3 FA) decrease the incidence of coronary artery diseases. This is thought to be caused by the induction in liver and skeletal muscle of genes involved in lipid oxidation, and to the repression in liver and adipose tissue of genes responsible for lipogenesis. n-3 FA are known to reduce the synthesis of FA and TG in the liver, resulting in a decrease of plasma concentrations of TG-rich lipoproteins. On the other hand, little is known of a possible… CONTINUE READING