muView: A Visual Analysis System for Exploring Uncertainty in Myocardial Ischemia Simulations

  title={muView: A Visual Analysis System for Exploring Uncertainty in Myocardial Ischemia Simulations},
  author={Paul Rosen and Brett M. Burton and Kristin C. Potter and Chris R. Johnson},
  booktitle={Visualization in Medicine and Life Sciences III},
In this paper we describe the Myocardial Uncertainty Viewer (muView or μView) system for exploring data stemming from the simulation of cardiac ischemia. The simulation uses a collection of conductivity values to understand how ischemic regions effect the undamaged anisotropic heart tissue. The data resulting from the simulation is multi-valued and volumetric, and thus, for every data point, we have a collection of samples describing cardiac electrical properties. μView combines a suite of… 

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  • D. Weiskopf
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    Frontiers in Bioinformatics
  • 2022
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Recent Developments



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  • Computer Science
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