mu-Opposing actions of the kappa-opioid receptor.

  title={mu-Opposing actions of the kappa-opioid receptor.},
  author={Zhi Zhong Pan},
  journal={Trends in pharmacological sciences},
  volume={19 3},
  • Zhi Zhong Pan
  • Published 1998 in Trends in pharmacological sciences
Pharmacological studies and recent research using genetic approaches have indicated that most actions of exogenous opioids, such as morphine, are mediated through the mu-opioid receptor. By contrast, the function of the kappa-opioid receptor in opioid actions largely remains unclear. In this article, Zhizhong Z. Pan discusses the accumulating evidence that activation of the kappa-receptor antagonizes various mu-receptor-mediated actions in the brain, including analgesia, tolerance, reward and… CONTINUE READING

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