mperometric determination of H 2 O 2 at nano-TiO 2 / DNA / thionin nanocomposite odified electrode

  title={mperometric determination of H 2 O 2 at nano-TiO 2 / DNA / thionin nanocomposite odified electrode},
  author={O. Lo and Suriya Ashok Kumar and Shen-Ming Chen},
We report electrochemical preparation and characterization of a new biosensor made of nanostructured titanium dioxide (nano-TiO2) particles and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). Thionin (TN) redox mediator was electrochemically deposited onto DNA/nano-TiO2 modified glassy carbon electrode (GCE). The Xray diffraction analysis, atomic force microscope (AFM) and scanning electron microscope (SEM) were used for surface analysis of TN/DNA/nano-TiO2 film. In neutral buffer solution, TN/DNA/nano-TiO2/GCE 


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