microRNAs differentially modulated in response to heat and drought stress in durum wheat cultivars with contrasting water use efficiency

  title={microRNAs differentially modulated in response to heat and drought stress in durum wheat cultivars with contrasting water use efficiency},
  author={L. Giusti and E. Mica and Edoardo Bertolini and A. M. de Leonardis and P. Faccioli and L. Cattivelli and C. Crosatti},
  journal={Functional & Integrative Genomics},
  • L. Giusti, E. Mica, +4 authors C. Crosatti
  • Published 2016
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Functional & Integrative Genomics
  • Plant stress response is a complex molecular process based on transcriptional and posttranscriptional regulation of many stress-related genes. microRNAs are the best-studied class of small RNAs known to play key regulatory roles in plant response to stress, besides being involved in plant development and organogenesis. We analyzed the leaf miRNAome of two durum wheat cultivars (Cappelli and Ofanto) characterized by a contrasting water use efficiency, exposed to heat stress, and mild and severe… CONTINUE READING
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