microMRI-HREM pipeline for high-throughput, high-resolution phenotyping of murine embryos.

  title={microMRI-HREM pipeline for high-throughput, high-resolution phenotyping of murine embryos.},
  author={Guido Pieles and Stefan H Geyer and Dorota Szumska and J{\"u}rgen Schneider and Stefan Neubauer and Kieran Clarke and Karl Dorfmeister and Angela Franklyn and Steve D M Brown and Shoumo Bhattacharya and W Weninger},
  journal={Journal of anatomy},
  volume={211 1},
Rapid and precise phenotyping analysis of large numbers of wild-type and mutant mouse embryos is essential for characterizing the genetic and epigenetic factors regulating embryogenesis. We present a novel methodology that permits precise high-throughput screening of the phenotype of embryos with both targeted and randomly generated mutations. To demonstrate the potential of this methodology we show embryo phenotyping results produced in a large-scale ENU-mutagenesis study. In essence this… CONTINUE READING

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