miRNA Signature of Mouse Helper T Cell Hyper-Proliferation

  title={miRNA Signature of Mouse Helper T Cell Hyper-Proliferation},
  author={Connie L. Sommers and Alexandre K Rouquette-Jazdanian and Ana I Robles and Robert L Kortum and Robert K. Merrill and Wenmei Li and Nandan N. Nath and Elizabeth A. Wohlfert and Katherine M. Sixt and Yasmine Belkaid and Lawrence E Samelson},
  booktitle={PloS one},
Helper T cells from a mutant mouse model, LAT Y136F, hyper-proliferate and cause a severe lymphoproliferative disease that kills the mice by six months of age. LAT Y136F mice carry a tyrosine to phenylalanine mutation in the Linker for Activation of T cells (LAT) gene. This mutation leads to a number of changes in T cells that result in altered cytokine production including increased IL-4 production, increased proliferation, and decreased apoptosis. Hyper-proliferation of the mutant T cells… CONTINUE READING


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