miRNA*: a passenger stranded in RNA-induced silencing complex?

  title={miRNA*: a passenger stranded in RNA-induced silencing complex?},
  author={Sarah M. Mah and Christian Buske and Richard Keith Humphries and Florian Kuchenbauer},
  journal={Critical reviews in eukaryotic gene expression},
  volume={20 2},
Processing of the pre-microRNA (pre-miRNA) through Dicer1 generates a miRNA duplex, consisting of a miRNA and miRNA* strand (also termed guide strand and passenger strand, respectively). Despite the general consensus that miRNA*s have no regulatory activity, recent publications have provided evidence that the abundance, possible function, and physiological relevance of miRNA*s have been underestimated. This review provides an account of our current understanding of miRNA* origination and… CONTINUE READING

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