miR-29c regulates BACE1 protein expression.

  title={miR-29c regulates BACE1 protein expression.},
  author={Yuanyuan Zong and Hailin Wang and Wei Dong and Xiongzhi Quan and Hua Zhu and Yanfeng Xu and Lan Huang and Chun Mei Ma and Chuan Qin},
  journal={Brain research},
Recently, BACE1 expression was shown to be regulated by microRNAs, small endogenous RNA molecules that regulate protein expression through sequence-specific interaction with messenger RNA. Here, we showed that microRNA-29c (miR-29c), a miRNA that is enriched in the brain and highly expressed in the APPswe/PSΔE9 mouse lowers BACE1 protein in vitro and in transgenic miR-29c mice. In silico analysis identified two putative target sites in the BACE1 mRNA for the miR-29c family. We chose SH-SY5Y… CONTINUE READING


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