miR-21: an oncomir on strike in prostate cancer

  title={miR-21: an oncomir on strike in prostate cancer},
  author={Marco Folini and Paolo Gandellini and Nicole Longoni and Valentina Profumo and Maurizio Callari and Marzia Pennati and Maurizio Colecchia and Rosanna Supino and Silvia Veneroni and Roberto Salvioni and R. Valdagni and Maria Grazia Daidone and Nadia Zaffaroni},
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Aberrant expression of microRNAs, small non-coding RNA molecules that post-transcriptionally repress gene expression, seems to be causatively linked to the pathogenesis of cancer. In this context, miR-21 was found to be overexpressed in different human cancers (e.g. glioblastoma, breast cancer). In addition, it is thought to be endowed with oncogenic properties due to its ability to negatively modulate the expression of tumor-suppressor genes (e.g. PTEN) and to cause the reversion of malignant… CONTINUE READING