miR-19a promotes colorectal cancer proliferation and migration by targeting TIA1

  title={miR-19a promotes colorectal cancer proliferation and migration by targeting TIA1},
  author={Yanqing Liu and Rui Liu and Fei Yang and Rongjie Cheng and Xiaorui Chen and Shufang Cui and Yuanyuan Gu and Wu Sun and Chaoying You and Zhijian Liu and Feng Sun and Yanbo Justin Wang and Zheng Fu and Chao Ye and Chen-Yu Zhang and Jing Rong Li and Xi Chen},
  booktitle={Molecular Cancer},
Colorectal cancer (CRC) is a major worldwide health problem due to its high prevalence and mortality rate. T-cell intracellular antigen 1 (TIA1) is an important tumor suppressor involved in many aspects of carcinogenesis and cancer development. How TIA1 expression is regulated during CRC development remains to be carefully elucidated. In CRC tissue sample pairs, TIA1 protein and mRNA levels were monitored by Western blot and qRT-PCR, respectively. Combining meta-analysis and miRNA target… CONTINUE READING
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