miR-146a targets c-met and abolishes colorectal cancer liver metastasis.

  title={miR-146a targets c-met and abolishes colorectal cancer liver metastasis.},
  author={Anne-Marie Bleau and Miriam Redrado and Estanislao Nistal-Villan and Maria J Gonzalez Villalba and Francisco Javier Exp{\'o}sito and Esther Redin and Arrate Lopez de Aberasturi and Leyre Larz{\'a}bal and J. Renato Corr{\^e}a Freire and Javier G{\'o}mez-Rom{\'a}n and Alfonso Calvo},
  journal={Cancer letters},
A major complication of colorectal cancer (CRC), one of the most frequent and deadly types of cancer, is disease progression via liver metastases. At this stage, very few treatment options are available for patients, and the disease remains incurable. Herein, we used a well-established mouse model of CRC liver metastasis (CLM) to identify new regulators of this process. Using serial transplantation of murine MC38 adenocarcinoma cells, we obtained liver metastatic variants that displayed… CONTINUE READING
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