miR-133a Regulates Adipocyte Browning In Vivo

  title={miR-133a Regulates Adipocyte Browning In Vivo},
  author={Weiyi Liu and Pengpeng Bi and Tizhong Shan and Xin Yang and Hang Yin and Yong-Xu Wang and Ning Liu and Michael Rudnicki and Shihuan Kuang},
  booktitle={PLoS genetics},
Prdm16 determines the bidirectional fate switch of skeletal muscle/brown adipose tissue (BAT) and regulates the thermogenic gene program of subcutaneous white adipose tissue (SAT) in mice. Here we show that miR-133a, a microRNA that is expressed in both BAT and SATs, directly targets the 3' UTR of Prdm16. The expression of miR-133a dramatically decreases along the commitment and differentiation of brown preadipocytes, accompanied by the upregulation of Prdm16. Overexpression of miR-133a in BAT… CONTINUE READING


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