miKrow: Semantic Intra-enterprise Micro-Knowledge Management System

  title={miKrow: Semantic Intra-enterprise Micro-Knowledge Management System},
  author={V{\'i}ctor Penela and Guillermo {\'A}lvaro and Carlos Ruiz Moreno and Carmen C{\'o}rdoba and Francesco Carbone and Michelangelo Castagnone and Jos{\'e} Manu{\'e}l G{\'o}mez-P{\'e}rez and Jes{\'u}s Contreras},
Knowledge Management systems are one of the key strategies that allow companies to fully tap into their collective knowledge. However, two main entry barriers currently limit the potential of this approach: i) the hurdles employees encounter discouraging them from a strong and active participation (knowledge providing) and ii) the lack of truly evolved intelligent technologies that allow those employees to easily benefiting from the global knowledge provided by them and other users (knowledge… CONTINUE READING